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How to study income tax for CA, CS and CMA by CS K K Agrawal

By : CS K. K. Agrawal
As you all know income tax has vast syllabus and it needs indepth study. You need to be extra focussed in this subject. You have limited time to crack this income tax paper. 

One strategy is to study each and every provision. And that is good also. But you need extra hours which you do not have. 

Another strategy is to study what is most important in exam with extra attention and also study what is not important in exam just for the sake of this. 

In this video we will tell you what to study and also what not to study. Since you know in Income tax every chapter is important. But we have identified few topics in that chapters which are not important.

Let us now watch the video.

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Direct Entry eligibility in CA IPCC

By : CS K. K. Agrawal
Let us answer following questions in this video

1. Can I do CA after Graduation?

2. Is there any percentage criterion in taking admission in CA - IPCC

3. I failed in CA CPT now can I do CA.

4. I am post graduate can I pursue CA

5. I have done my MBA can I pursue CA

6. I have done B Sc can I pursue CA

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Admission fees and attempt criterion at CPT and foundation level

By : CS K. K. Agrawal
Let us differentiate 

1. CA - CPT

2. CS - Foundation

3. CMA - Foundation

Let us answer following questions?

1. What is the admission fees in CA CPT, CS foundation and CMA foundation.

2. When will be my attempt due in CA CPT, CS foundation and CMA foundation if I take admission now?

CA vs CS vs CMA. What to do after class XII in commerce

By : CS K. K. Agrawal
Are you confused, perplexed and do not know which course to chose. Then let us help you to decide.

1. CA : Chartered Accountancy Course

2. CS : Company Secretary Course

3. CMA : Cost and Management Accountancy Course

All the above 3 courses are fantastic to pursue. Let us find out which one suits you.

CA vs CS vs CMA

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CA New Syllabus 2016 (Analysis by CS K K Agrawal)

By : CS K. K. Agrawal
Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) president M. Devaraja Reddy on Saturday said efforts were being made to implement new syllabus for aspiring chartered accountants from November, 2016.

Since till now no news of immediate implementation therefore most probably new syllabus shall be applicable from May 2017 exam onwards.

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MCQ STRATEGY : Ethical code to cheat

By : CS K. K. Agrawal
Very useful for students appearing in CA, CS, CMA and UPSC examinations

1. Accelerate your mind before the start. ...

2. Read the questions cautiously and then answer. ...

3. Do not try to solve everything in one go. ...

4. Take half to one minute breaks if possible. ...

5. Learn as many short-cuts as you can and apply them in the examination. ...

6. Use method of elimination.

7. Use ethical cheat code as shown in video

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Residential Status of Foreign Company as per amendment made by FA 2015

By : CS K. K. Agrawal
The company which is incorporated outside India is a Foreign company. Residential status of foreign company shall depend upon place of effective management. Place of effective management to mean a place where key management and commercial decisions that are necessary for the conduct of the business of an entity as a whole are, in substance made. It simply means the place where board meetings are held or that person to whom board of directors have delegated the entire policy decision of company. E.g. Managing Director, Manager who has control and management.
Control & Management of the affairs of the business is situated

Wholly in India : Resident in India.

Partially in India : Resident in India.

Wholly outside India : Non – Resident in India.

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