GST के आने से सबसे ज्यादा खुश कौन है? Happiest profession in GST

By : CS K. K. Agrawal
Any person who is in reverse charge is the happiest man or woman. There life is in good shape. They can take holidays. They can spend good time with their friends and families for 30 days in a month.

Concept of reverse charge in service tax was not scary. Single registration all over India. No problem. Reverse charge under GST is really a scary. If I am supplier supplying from majority of the States then I have to register in each such State but not those who are in reverse charge.

Comparison is odd. But lawyers vs other profession. The other profession is in disadvantage position.

Lawyers are the happiest.

GST R1 detail explanation in easiest way

By : CS K. K. Agrawal
The GST R1 return is again a most important document which shall be generated through invoice. All the key components of GST R1 should be present in the invoice.

GST R1 mandates that detail of invoice should be uploaded in the GSTN server. A consolidated supply can also be uploaded if certain conditions are satisfied.

On the basis of GST R1, GST R2 and GST R3 shall be auto populated. 

Every person shall upload sales invoice and the other party (purchaser) shall confirm it on the given dates. 

This is the base of self assessment where sales and purchase shall be matched.

Best GST tax invoice format with explanation

By : CS K. K. Agrawal
The GST tax invoice is the most important document in GST regime. This is grand father of all document. This document can be panacea of indirect tax. Govt. thinks this document shall end corruption when filed in GST Network. Computers will work overnight to match invoice with invoice. This system hopes to weed out bad eggs.

Buying of invoice was huge set back in VAT system. Again hope this business of selling only invoice without selling goods dies in GST era.

Only 3 countries of this world has tried matching of invoice before abandoning it completely. 1. China. 2. South Korea and 3. Brazil. Reasons need to be analysed.

In this video you will understand the most important content which should be there in invoice.

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