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Most probable distribution of Indirect Tax Marks in upcoming CA Inter Exam Attempt Nov 2014 exam

By : CS K. K. Agrawal

Service Tax : 25 Marks

CCR : 10 Marks

Excise + Customs + Central Sales Tax : 15 Marks

We do not think there should be any question from VAT since the concept of VAT and CCR is almost same. But still one should prepare the whole syllabus.

India's No 1 book on Income Tax for CA, CMA and CS

By : CS K. K. Agrawal

In this video we have explained all the features of the book. This book contain all theory and its associated practical questions. This book extremely useful for those students who are appearing in CA Inter, CS exe and CMA inter examination. This book can be helpful for any other person who really are interested in tax. This book can be order online.
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Fast Track Quick Revision Tax Deducted at Source

By : CS K. K. Agrawal
TDS is tedious. We have tries to make it easy and has presented in a tabular form. It is very useful for CA, CMA and CS students. All sections starting from S 192 to 206AA has been discussed.

192 : TDS on Salary
193 : TDS on Interest
194 : TDS on Deemed Dividend
194A : TDS on payment to contractor
194B : TDS on winning from lotteries
194BB : TDS on winning from horse races
194C : TDS on payment to contractor
194D : TDS on Insurance commission
194G : TDS on lottery commission
194H : TDS on other commission or brokreage
194I : TDS on payment of rent
194IA : TDS on buying of property
194J : TDS on royalty, fees for technical services, non competing fees, director fees
194LA : TDS on compulsory acquisition of property
195 : TDS on payment to Non resident.

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