Fast track quick revision of return of income.

Dear students

This is our third video of FAST TRACK - QUICK REVISION of Return of Income. Aim of this video is revision of return of income in shortest possible time covering 90% of syllabus from examination point of view. However in class we devote almost 3 hours to return of income which we have tried to condensed in 12 minutes approx. 

It covers following topics.
1. Who is required to file return of income.
2. Due date of filing of return of income.
3. 142(1)
4. Loss return u/s 139(3)
5. Belated return u/s 139(4).
6. Revised return u/s 139(5)
7. Permanent account number.

This video is useful for CA, CS, CMA, B Com, MBA students and to all those who are keen to learn tax. Lastly please forgive my mistake and do let us know. And if this video has helped you in any way and generated slightest of interest, then do like it and share it.