Who need God

The next time you go to zoo, notice where times are longest and people take the most time in front of the cage. We tend to walk briskly past the deer and the antelope, with only a passing glance at their graceful beauty. 

If we have children, we may pause to enjoy the antics of the seals and the monkeys. But we find ourselves irresistibly drawn to the lions, the tigers, the elephants, the gorillas.

Why? I suspect that without realizing or understanding it, we are strangely reassured at seeing creatures bigger or stronger than ourselves. 

It gives us the message, at once humbling & comforting, that we are not the ultimate power. 

Our souls are so starved for that sense of awe, that encounter with grander which help to remind us of our real place in the universe that if we can’t get it in temple, we will search for it and find it someplace else.