Fast Track Quick Revision Tax Deducted at Source

TDS is tedious. We have tries to make it easy and has presented in a tabular form. It is very useful for CA, CMA and CS students. All sections starting from S 192 to 206AA has been discussed.

192 : TDS on Salary
193 : TDS on Interest
194 : TDS on Deemed Dividend
194A : TDS on payment to contractor
194B : TDS on winning from lotteries
194BB : TDS on winning from horse races
194C : TDS on payment to contractor
194D : TDS on Insurance commission
194G : TDS on lottery commission
194H : TDS on other commission or brokreage
194I : TDS on payment of rent
194IA : TDS on buying of property
194J : TDS on royalty, fees for technical services, non competing fees, director fees
194LA : TDS on compulsory acquisition of property
195 : TDS on payment to Non resident.