Plan and Strategy to clear CA, CS and CMA exam

CA, CS or CMA are lengthy courses rather than tough course. To prepare these courses you need to learn, study and memorise almost 5000 pages of informations. Out of these 5000 pages, 400 pages data shall be asked in exam. Now you know it becomes challenging.
I stress you to memorise these pages. All the concepts have reasons. You need to understand that reasons. When you understand that reasons it means that you have understood the concept. Now the next step is to memorise. Memorising means to put the information from temporary memory to permanent memory in such a way that you are able to answer any question relating to that topic in a correct way.
Depending upon your capacity you can memorise one page or more than one page in a single day.. Sometimes it is difficult to memorise even one paragraph. For this it is always better to make your own notes. Notes might carry charts and tables which shall help you collate data for easy understanding and memorising.
When you listen you understand, but when you write, your understanding the concept and chances of easy memorising exceeds many fold.
You can also try to memorise by reading it aloud. When you read it aloud you concentrate more in the readings.
When you are listening lectures keep a separate copy where you write every small points. Professors often make story, charts and tables to make you understand the concept. These story can easily be memorised. You again write that charts and tables so that both work of listening and memorising happens simultaneously.
Most of the students feels that by seeing the questions and its solution you have understood that practical solution but the reality is this that at the time of exam you may not be able to solve it. Therefore for practical questions do solve it in black and white, it will improve your presentation skill also.
Always carry a pocket diary where you can make routine. Your diary should reflect target goals to be achieved and how much you achieve each day. This will help you realise whether your target is achievable or not.
One thing is sure believe in yourself and everything is achievable.