How to order tax books of CS K K Agrawal

Dear readers

At first I thank you all for appreciating my book.  We have been getting many queries on how to order tax books of CS K K Agrawal. To help you all we have made this video for you. 

Our tax books are available in both pdf edition and kindle edition.

PDF edition : Print outs can be taken. PDF books can be ordered only through Making payment is very easy. Either through paytm or through net banking. Details are given in book section.

Kindle app edition : Prints out cannot be taken. However this book can be very easily read on your mobile phone in your kindle app. Just visit or clink this link click for all tax books of CS K K Agrawal. Payment is to be made directly to amazon. When payment is complete the books gets automatically downloaded in your kindle app.

Happy reading. 

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CS K K Agrawal