Filing of return for AY 2018-19 as per Finance Bill 2017 and consequences u/s 234F

Who thought India one day will change and face the biggest demonetisation and thereafter successful re monetisation. With this backdrop finance bill 2017 was presented to change the non tax compliance society to tax compliance society.

The manner of filing of return has been not been changed. But consequences of late filing of return has been changed drastically. It basically forces the assessee to file the return of income in time. It allows late filing of return albiet with a fees. Even the time of filing of revised return has been reduced by 1 year. 

Late fees ranges from Rs. 1000 to 10,000 depending upon the amount of income shown and how late return is being filed.

This fees is to be paid alongwith tax and interest as per S 140A called self assessment tax.

If this fees is not deposited before the return is filed then wait for notice u/s 143(1).

The Govt. is acting swiftly. It is changing itself very fast. It is not sitting idle. Why should we. Let us co-operate.
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