If you are self motivated then you are bound to become CA

Dear Students

Bapu Hanikarak nahin hai. Blessed are those students who are supported by immensely motivated parents who are hell bound to make you a better person.

The support of parents, relatives and friends are immensely important. If you are getting their love then you are blessed.

But above all, they all have their limitations. They cannot do your study. They cannot get into your mind to make you study. At best they can create an environment of study. Like tuition fees, table, chair, movie tickets etc. 

It is upto you how best you can utilise these resources to make yourself successful.

Whatever field you have chosen, the path you will travel, believe in it and give your best shot.

Future is always bright and one day certainly will come when you will make your parents proud the whole world proud.

Just remember your work will be done by you not others. Do remember you are super intelligent and can put in lots of hard work in immense pressure also.

All the best

CS K K Agrawal

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