The biggest challenge faced by CA Students : English writing skills

Dear Students

You know in your heart, deep down below you have said to yourself umpteem times you are going to pass. This sentence was said for the first time when you took admission in ICAI. Then number of times to your family members and friends. If you haven't, then start telling now. It will boost your confidence and also a pressure in you that you need to pass.

But have you ever thought why most of the students inspite of working very hard fails. One of the reason which I see and believe after teaching so many students that they are not able to express their thoughts clearly in English. 

For this what they need to do. They need to improve their writing skills. I am not talking about grammar. Most of the students are having very good grammar skills. But they do not use the right words of any particular subject. Meaning thereby missing vocab of particular subjects.

In this video I am stressing out the need to memorise those typical words. Also urgent need to memorise the sections also.

I hope by watching this video it will help you in realising your mistakes and will improve upon them.

This is my face to face class where each and every individual students are being tested each day in the class.

Daily test is the routine. 

Those who are doing my online class they should also benefit by watching this video.

Now when these students will reach final then they won't face any of these challenges.

I also need to mention the same challenge is also faced by CS and CMA students. 


CS K K Agrawal
Never Say Die
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The more apt titles of this video can be

1. Do not fail again

2. I am failing again and again. Where is my fault?

3. Memory is the key to success

4. CA is very difficult for me. What to do?

5. I do not want to fail again. What is the solution?

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