GSTR 3B due date extended till 28-8-2017 to claim transitional credit on...

Fact 1
Fact 2
Fact 3
Credit available on closing stock (30-6-2017) can be availed only on filing of TRANS 1 whose last was already fixed as 30-9-2017
Last date of filing of GSTR 3B is 20-8-2017
This last date of 20-8-2017 has been extended till 28-8-2017 only for those assessee who wants to claim ITC on closing stock before 30-9-2017 by filing TRANS 1.

Case 1
Case 2
Output Tax
Less : Input Tax Credit as per GSTR 3B
Less : ITC as per TRANS 1
Tax payable in cash

First file TRANS 1 and then GSTR 3B by 28-8-2017
First pay tax of Rs. 15 in cash by 20-8-2017 and then file TRANS 1 by 28-8-2017 and thirdly GSTR 3B by 28-8-2017
OTHERWISE INTEREST @ 18% p.a. payable
Pay tax of Rs. 20 and interest on Rs. 20 w.e.f 21-8-2017 till the date of payment
Pay tax of Rs. 5 and interest on Rs. 5 w.e.f 21-8-2017 till the date of payment

ITC on closing stock.
Available ?
Form GSTR 3B filed ?

File GSTR 3B by 20-8-2017
Not Filed

File TRANS 1 by 30-9-2017 and claim credit accordingly
Follow the previos explained procedure if you want to pay tax by filing TRANS 1