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CA Inter Taxation Class

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Class Language: Mixed (English + Hindi)

Study material language: English

Duration: 200 + Hours

Demo classes: In the description below

Can I see the actual tax lectures which shall be delivered to me?

Yes, please click here

The tax lectures are updated till which date?

  1. Income tax lectures are recorded for AY 2020-21 which is valid for 2020 exam attempt any month. We will start live class of Income Tax for AY 2021-22 which shall be valid for 2021 exam, any month.
  2. GST lectures are recorded till 31-5-2020 which are valid for Nov 2020 attempt onwards.

How many views I will get?

We provide unlimited views. It means you can rewind, forward and see again and again same tax lectures unlimited time but within the validity period.

Can I fast forward the tax lectures?

Yes, this feature is useful when you want to skip certain portions of lectures specially when you have already watched it.

Can I run these tax video lectures on mobile or laptop?

Yes, on Windows / Android but not on apple devices.

What I will get when I order the tax lectures?

Google drive link + Tax E Books on every plan even if you have not subscribed for pen drive or hard copy. Hard copy tax books and tax pen drive shall be dispatched as per plan.

Book details

  1. India's No 1 book on Tax: Income Tax + Fast track quick revision Income Tax
  2. It is Simple: GST Vol 1
  3. Income Tax MCQ
  4. GST MCQ
  5. GST Question Bank
  6. Income Tax PPT's
  7. GST PPT's

Lastly, can I watch tax demo lectures?

Sure, this is your right and you should watch it. We have deep understanding that every tax student is unique. Tax Demo lectures shall help you decide that surely I would like to study tax and learn tax with CS K K Agrawal who shall start with tax basic and take us to tax advance level. In tax demo lectures you will be sure that you are joining the best taxation class.

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