Frequently Asked Questions


1. We use both English and Hindi while teaching tax.

2. Our study material and text books of tax are written in English language.

3.  Duration of class depends on the selection of course. It ranges from 100 hours to 250 hours.

4. Demo lectures links are given in the description of every class.

5. All our lectures are updated as per following.

a. Income tax lectures are recorded for AY 2020-21 which is valid for 2020 exam attempt any month. We will start live class of Income Tax for AY 2021-22 which shall be valid for 2021 exam, any month.

b. GST lectures are recorded till 30-6-2020 which are valid for Nov 2020 attempt, Dec 2020, May 2021 attempt.


1. All our lectures are encrypted and shall play on our software only.

2. As a policy we give unlimited views on all our video lectures. Lectures can be played again and again for unlimited period but within the validity period of lectures.

3. We shall give you encrypted E Books of our books with our video lectures. The validity of encrypted E Books shall be same as that of video lectures.


What are the System Requirements?

The system should be completely optimized and should be virus free, in case your files get corrupted due to virus problem TaxByKK has already provided Google Drive link from where all softwares and lectures can be downloaded.

You can play Video Lectures on Laptop or Desktops having windows operating system Windows 7, 8,8.1 or 10). No Win 7 Home Basic.

Your computer should also have the following minimum configuration –

    Processor: Dual core 2.0 GHz and Above
    RAM: 2 GB
    All audio and video drivers have to be installed.

Can I fast forward or rewind the lectures?

Yes, you can fast forward and rewind the lectures.

Can I install this software on more than one PC?

Lectures will work only in ONE SYSTEM.

If, for any reason, you change your system or format the system (system crashed, updated, changed ETC.)?

Please write to, it shall deactivate the serial key at their end. Subsequently that key can be activated again in a new system?

Is Internet Connection required to watch the lectures?

Not at all, internet connection is not required for viewing lectures. However, for one time registration process and activation of key you shall required internet connection to a maximum of 5 minutes.

Can I play the videos on my PC, Tablet and Phone – all at the same time?

If you have bought a subject, you can play it only on any one of the devices you have. If you have bought for PC, and you want to play on your tablet as well, it is possible but you will need to purchase a separate license for your tablet or phone at 70% of normal fees.