Dear Students,
I have pleasure in introducing myself as CS K.K. Agrawal. I have work experience of more than 10 years in CA firms and few companies. I started as a trainee and kept on working very hard, almost 12 hours daily. Right from the beginning of my career I was entrusted to handle tax matters. It made me tax crazy. Side by side I used to teach tax. This combination of practical experience and teaching experience enhanced my teaching and writing skills and gradually I learnt the delicacies of taxes. It is said slow and steady wins the race.

I started making notes on tax. In my students days I was not able to memorize very well, therefore I started thinking about ways to memorize tax. Today, i have incorporated those ideas in my notes. After more than 1 year of dedicated work, my first book of 40 pages was published in the year 1999. Today  the book contains 400 pages which is written in a very simple language. With the Grace of God and help of students, so far I have published more than 10 books.

In my school days I came across this quote which I stick to it till now. " NEVER SAY DIE - कभी हार मत मानो". And I truly believe in it.

When I was in Job there were many concepts in income tax which although I have read but I was unable to apply it in practical situations. It seemed that my knowledge of income tax was not enough. I was feeling dejected despite the fact that I passed the exam. I did not want my students to face the similar situation which I was facing. When you learn you should learn in such a way that it can be applied in practical situations also. You should be able to give tax advise otherwise your knowledge in tax is not good. I am happy to share with you all that I have inbuilt all the ideas in my tax lecture so that students not only pass with good marks but are also able to apply their knowledge in practical field.

Therefore i can say: “YOUR EDUCATION IN TAX IS BEST IF YOU CAN GIVE TAX ADVISE”. This type of teaching is possible only when I give you in-depth knowledge of both theory and practicals. My students now feel confident enough to say they that have been encouraged to think about tax on their own.  This understanding has encouraged many students to go further explore the depth of the subject.

ICAI also advises in the same direction. I have picked up these sentences from ICAI taxation study material.

“Taxation is one of the core competence areas of CA. CA’s are expected to ADVISE clients in the area of direct taxes and indirect taxes.

In my student life I started website on tax. But due to lack of knowledge and experience it could not be developed any further. But that background in technology and with enough experience I am trying again. I have developed websites and youtube channel. Both shall cater the need of students. I hope students shall find both the content and video interesting.

Looking forward to meet you.

Thanks and regards,
Kaushal Kumar Agrawal
What's app : 9999 22 7381

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