Testimonial about book

By Babloo : The book of K.K. sir is by far the best book I have ever come across. To brief I would say that each and every practical problem has a new scenario and has something new attached to it. The theoretical aspect of this book is very easy to understand and is to the point which also help us to understand and learn more easily. Now a days we get so many books of tax which are thick and have content which is useless but the book by K.K. Sir is the perfect book for deepen his concepts in taxation and also to prepare well before exam. The fast track income tax is like a last minute revision as it covers all the concept which helps the student to revise before the exam. (Join our youtube channel to revise fast track income tax). Even the assignment questions after every chapter helps us to cover each every aspect of taxation completely with least effort. I feel this book is sure to become the best book to be preferred by students for taxation.               

By Karim : This book is treasure of concept of taxation. Studying from this book means being able to SCORE highest in taxation. It is so interesting that it is like seeing one’s favorite movie. Practical Problems given in the book inspire you to study more and more as the problems are pregnant with concepts. Fast Track income tax is like old movie songs. (Join our youtube channel to revise fast track income tax).  Hear the song and you know the whole story. Thus this movie (Book) is the best taxation book and the AUTHOR of this book is really Zabardast.  “No flower without a thorn” meaning thereby reading this book you might become taxcrazy which is good for you.

By Saumya Pathak : Book by K.K. Sir is a book with latest laws & latest amendments and which ensures 100% success. This book is the best book I have ever studied for taxation and the author of this book, K.K. Agrawal is the best teacher I have ever met in my life. He has a treasure of knowledge and has put all his efforts to make this book the BEST one, which is clearly visible. The book contains high standard illustrations after each and every topic which help to understand the topics very easily. If one practice problems from this book, then he can do solve questions from any book very easily. This is really India’s no.1 book on taxation. After every chapter there is a motivational message which helps a lot. If anyone wants to revise all the chapters, then a fast track is also given in a very interesting and understanding way.. in all.. this is an amazing book.

By Archit Bajpai : It uses easy language. Lengthy theory explained in minimum words. Simple & advanced problems after every topic. Writing texts in points rather in paragraphs. Learning sections at the beginning of each chapter. India’s No. 1 book on tax is the appropriate title given to this book.

By Bichismita Dash : The variety of practical problems given in the book helps to gain indepth knowledge about tax and helps to face any type of questions asked in the exam.