Testimonial about class

By Rudrankk banerjee : The task of an excellent teacher is to stimulate “apparently ordinarily” people to unusual effort. The tough problem is not in identifying winners it is in making winners out of ordinary people. K.K. Agrawal Sir gave us broad range of conceptual tax knowledge only an experienced, ethical professional should give. He is principled and passionate about serving his students. I am glad to recommend him and his books. His book is undoubtedly India’s No. 1 book on taxation. The concepts given in the book are lucidly explained which has made taxation our favourite subject. His memorising techniques such as ppt slides, audio recordings, self based examples gave us a lot of confidence. His favourite dialogue  “agar aap 24 ghante mein tax yaad karenge to aapko aayenge 100 mein 100 at the end of each class has boosted our morale. You are most FAADU and BINDAS teacher. Your AAYA is the moment when all our doubts are cleared. Thank You Sir for your timeless and exceptional teaching efforts with 100% self dedication and love for students.

On E mail : Although tax is unbearable subject but Christ had mercy on us and he sent you. All thanks to you sir, you made tax bearable enough to sit in the class. Your Hollywood inspired SLIDES are interesting to watch. Your corporate experience which you share in the class are really interesting. And even your placebo doses JABARDAST HAI AAP are a moral boost up.                              
By Samrat Raj : KK Sir can inspire, hope, ignite the imagination & instill a love of tax in any student own his own style & stories. KK sir is able to put himself in the place of those who find learning hard in tax.                                            

By Mohit : The concept of taxation is very hard to understand but some professional teachers make it simple with their experience, that’s CS K.K. Agrawal. The talent and skill is helpful for students for understanding the concept from his precious books. The character taxcrazy and ram gopal verma etc used in the question creates the interest in solution. I just want to say that your
P chidambram example was interesting to hear and your friend stories succeed to memorise the concepts.

Aarz kiya hai

कौन कहता है की हम टैक्स पास होने के लिए पढतें हैं
२४ घंटें के अन्दर हम टैक्स इसलिए पढतें हैं ताकि १०० में १०० ला सकें

Have all qualities to touch the climax height of progress. By Preet Singh

Teaches with good example and simply a treat to listen.                                         Lalit Kumar

The knowledge of faculty is very good which helps to clear our doubts.                      Mehul

Teaches in a nice way, makes concept crystal clear to understand.                       Swati Mahajan

Excellent teaching skill.                                       Vaibhav

Faculty is very co-operative.                         Ganesh

Outstanding faculty and having good command over international taxation.     Mohit Malhotra

Present the things very effectively.                 Latika

Teaches very well. Answers all the questions politely. Never gets irritated.             Shailen Jha

He gives very good knowledge of subject.               Alka Juneja

All rounder in teaching experience.                   Divyang

Teaching pattern is excellent.                         Arpita

Faculty is excellent who can cover whole subject in time.                  Gurpreet Kaur

Makes the subject very easy to understand.                  Maloy Paul

He explain the topics very clearly. He is outstanding teacher. Clear thought and presentation.
Priyanka Joshi

He is outstanding faculty. Teaches every student in best way. Gives attention to each and every student.          Kanika

He is very co operative & always encourages us in the class.                                      Lalita

Excellent teaching style and very friendly.        Anuj Jain

He has provided us with lots of examples to make the concept crystal clear.        Monika Khurana

Sir, Makes the environment of the class very enjoyable. I learn tax by enjoying the subject.
Teena Narang

KK Sir is outstanding teacher.                                 Ranju

You are god of taxation.                             Priyanka


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