• Complete GST Law Referencer Vol 1 and Vol 2
  • Complete GST Law Referencer Vol 1 and Vol 2

Complete GST Law Referencer Vol 1 and Vol 2

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GST Vol 1
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GST Vol 2
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  1. CGST Act, IGST Act, UTGST Act & GST (Compensation to States) Act alongwith CGST Rules, IGST Rules & GST Compensation Cess Rules.
  2. Relevant Notifications, Rules, Forms, Circulars and Orders (with brief description) cross-referenced with each section.
  3. Text of relevant provisions of Allied Acts, Words not defined in GST Acts but defined in rules/Notifications, Constitution (101st) Amendment Act, 2016.
  4. Reverse Charge Notifications.


  1. All notifications (except rate notifications) as originally issued, and also as amended upto 31-5-2020 (summarised with brief description).
  2. All circulars and order (summarised with brief description and reference of relevant sections and rules).


The current edition contains:

* full text of all Central Acts (CGST, IGST, UTGST, and GST Compensation to States) and all CGST, IGST and GST Compensation Cess Rules, Summary of all GST FORMS, all Circulars and Orders related to GST.

* cross-referencing of relevant Notifications, Rules, Forms, Circulars and Orders (with brief description) with each section, and vice-versa which helps the readers to know the relevant related provisions at one place instead of going through the whole lot of rules, notifications, circulars and orders.

* additional tables called "Quick Reference Tables" are provided before the text of each Act and each Rules containing corresponding rule to each section, and vice versa.

* Statements of Objects and Reasons, Financial Memorandum, etc. presented in the Parliament at the time of introduction of respective GST Bills in 2017, and also of the Amendment Bills introduced in 2018.

* all notifications (except rate notifications) as originally issued, and also the notifications as amended, from time to time. Amendment, if any, in each notification is presented in the form of a table above that notification along with brief gist of the amendment. This feature helps the reader to know the amendment in a single glance.

* Reverse charge notifications have been provided separately in Vol - I [Part 1 Section 13].

* 'Quick Reference Tables' relating to Notifications (Part-2), and Circulars and Orders (Part-3 & Part-4), containing brief description of each Notification/Circular/Order which will help the reader to easily locate the relevant Notification/Circular/Order, without the need to go through the entire text of each Notification/Circular/Order.

* another unique feature has been added in the book. Each Circular also contains a table showing the Later Circulars referring/amending/rescinding that circular.

* text of "provisions of other Acts referred to in GST Acts/ Rules" (referred to as Allied Acts in this book), are provided in the book in alphabetical manner. Additionally, provisions of other Acts relevant in GST Acts/ Rules (even though not referred in the GST Acts/ Rules) are also provided. This will help the reader to have access to the text of Allied Laws readily without referring to any other book.

* several words that are not defined in the GST Acts, are defined in the GST Rules/Notifications. While so defining, the GST Rules/ Notifications many times have referred to other laws. All such words are alphabetically arranged, alongwith the text of the

referred/ allied law and provided at a single place for ease of reference.

* Constitution (101st) Amendment Act, 2016

Foreword to the Fourth Edition

I had the privilege of reviewing the "GST LAW REFERENCER" Fourth Edition, by Puneet Agrawal and Vipan Aggarwal.

The main highlight of the fourth edition is the cross-reference to various Notifications and the amendments thereto made in the GST law during the last three and half years. Another highlight of this edition is various Trade Notices and Public Notices issued by the Central and State Governments giving cross-reference to each other. Of late, we have also seen amendments to Trade Notices; they also have been adequately captured.

This Referencer will be of great help for the practitioners to know when the amendments were made to these Notifications and how to apply them prospectively, retrospectively, and retroactively depending upon the situations.

As a whole, I would say that the "GST LAW REFERENCER" Fourth Edition, is a valuable tool in the hands of practitioners who want to advise their clients professionally. It will also be of great advantage for the end-users to comply with the

law better.

I wish them "Best of Luck".

V. Lakshmikumaran

Managing Partner


& Sridharan

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